Analytical Applications

The TreLytics Systems product line provides Spectrometers and Conductance Concentration Monitors for standard mixes used in the Front End of Line (FEOL), Back End of Line (BEOL), Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) and Plating areas of the semiconductor industry. General spectrometry and analytical solutions have been designed for specific applications. TreLytics Systems aims to select the technology whose price/performance is best as an insitu and inert solution for the customer's needs.

Applications Solutions

  • SC-1 (APM) Solution (NH3:H2O2 and H20)
  • BHF (BOE) Solution (NH4F:HF and H2O)
  • TMAH/H2O2/H2O, DHF, DSP+, NH3
  • Proprietary Chemistries
  • SC-2 (HPM) Solution (HCl:H2O2 and H2O)
  • FPM Solution (HF:H2O2 and H2O), HFEG Solution (HF, ethylene glycol), TMAH/H2O2/H2O, DHF, DSP+, NH3, HCL, TMAH:H20
  • HCL
  • Slurry
  • SPM Solution (H2SO4:H2O2 and H20)
  • HFEG Solution (HF, ethylene glycol)
  • TMAH:H20
  • Contact TreLytics for other chemical options

Spectral Monitors

APM, HPM, SPM, Oxide, STI Slurry, Copper Slurry

The TreLytics spectrometer uses a pre-dispersive near infrared technology to precisely monitor semiconductor chemical solutions. Standard features include a tunable laser-based light source, integrated wavelength and amplitude references, and detector – the flexible platform accommodates both fiber-to-detector and direct-to-detector sampling configurations. It addresses the breadth of NIR spectroscopic process applications in monitoring vapor, liquids, and solids in transmission and diffuse reflection.

Near infrared analysis of organic gases, liquids and solids are well established tools to measure composition and purity for industrial QA/QC and environmental safety. Today the cost of installation, maintenance and operation for process-analytical systems can far exceed the analyzer cost. TreLytics’ spectrometer meets the ultimate process challenge – drastically reducing the total cost of measurement. Configured as a rugged system, this powerful platform can be integrated into the process stream without extensive investment resulting in a fast return on investment.

FluentChem Flow Cell

The TreLytics flow cell was specifically designed to be used in highly corrosive or metal intolerant sample streams. Only smooth PTFE, quartz or sapphire surfaces contact the process stream making it inert to process. Dual containment is provided for the fiber optic cables to prevent corrosion and/or damage. The optical support is constructed out of chemically resistant stainless steel which provides a rigid, stable optical path ensuring high repeatability. The FluentChem flow cell is intended to be used as an inline method, and is inert to process.

FluentChem Spec Sheet

Conductance Concentration Monitor

HF, NH3, NaOH, HNO3, H2SO4, H3PO4, HCl

The TreLytics Conductance Monitor offers the tightest analytical control for Semiconductor Processes. Providing real-time analysis of concentration for a wide variety of chemical solutions and multiple configurations, the TreLytics Conductance Monitor is the first step towards getting tighter process control.

Monitor Spec Sheet

Inductive Conductivity Sensor

The TreLytics Inductive Conductivity Sensor offers a wide measuring range of 0 – 99.99 wt% while at the same time offering versatile mounting configurations of immersion or inline.

Sensor Spec Sheet

APM Monitor

NH3, H2O2, H2O

APM solutions are used during the cleaning process to remove particles and organic substances from wafer surfaces during semiconductor manufacturing. TreLytics’ APM spectrometer is a compact monitor for determining the percentages of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and water in APM solutions. The spectrometer provides a typical integrated measurement time of less than 0.1 seconds.

APM Spec Sheet

Inline Ultrasonic Density Analyzer for Slurries

The Ultrasonic Technology Analyzer is a non-intrusive inline density meter that is suitable for measuring the density of slurries, even in applications where it is impossible to transmit ultrasonic sound through the medium. In applications where it is possible to transmit the ultrasound through the medium it is also possible to measure dissolved components. The temperature is also measured with ultrasonic technology.

Analyzer Spec Sheet