Gary Anderson has had over three decades of experience within the analytical sector of the semiconductor industry. After serving in the United States Navy he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, focusing his studies in the Particle Tech Lab and researching for global projects such as Homogeneous: Heterogeneous Nucleation and Acid rain. After servicing many semiconductor applications at TSI, Inc. and Particle Measuring Systems, Anderson launched Tres-Ark in 1988. In 1992 Anderson brought a new analytical technology and connected services to the global chemical market. Anderson worked to establish a product line with technical and sales departments resulting in over $100M of cumulative sales and making the product line standard products. As Tres-Ark’s President and Chief Executive Officer Tres-Ark became incorporated in 1992 and since then has developed many analytically confirmed precision mixing and blending product lines, including the leading edge FractalFill™ Blending Product line launched in 2004.

Analytical Chemist Lead

Dr. Lois Weyer has been employed in the chemical industry for over three decades, working primarily in spectroscopy and process analysis, specializing in optical spectroscopy. After working for several years in traditional Near IR, UV and Mid IR, she began developing industrial applications for "new" NIR in 1983. This resulted in installations in at least 20 Hercules plants all over the globe. This then lead to the initiation of a process analytical effort at her company, and resulted in installations of IR, near IR, Raman, UV and other systems at a number of US and international plants. She earned an MS degree in physical chemistry in 1971 and Ph.D. in 1996, studying chemometrics under Steven Brown at the University of Delaware. Lois has worked closely with Tres-Ark for 5 years as an analytical chemist with a practical, problem-solving, multi-tasking approach.


EAS Award for achievements in NIR 1992 Delaware Valley Spectroscopist of the Year Award 1999 American Chemical Society, Chair of Delaware Section in 2001 Has served on many industry panels and presented at a number of conferences

Most Recent Publication

J. Workman, Jr. and L. Weyer, “Practical Guide to Interpretive Near-Infrared Spectroscopy", CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, published November, 2007.